In Review: Australian Beauty Brands We’re Currently Crushing On

woman bikini pool generation clay mask Courtesy of @generationclay on Instagram

When you think of trendsetters and leaders in the beauty industry, Australian beauty brands don’t often come to mind. But lucky for us beauty lovers, there are a ton of brands from the Land Down Under that are regularly breaking boundaries and trying new things in their spaces. Blaq created the first-ever charcoal peel-off mask, Frank Body made people fall in love with coffee scrubs, and Miranda Kerr founded Kora Organics to empower beauty lovers around the globe. To put it shortly, Australian beauty brands are killing it.

Even if you don’t know much about beauty brands from Australia, it’s safe to say that they’re worth the hype. The brands create products that feel luxurious — without a ridiculously high price tag. And Australians are known for being some of the most attractive people on the planet (read: Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, and Hugh Jackman, to name a few), so who are we to argue with their choice in beauty products?

If you’ve been looking for some new beauty products to try out — whether it’s skincare, haircare, body, cosmetics, fragrance, or anything else — you should definitely look into trying out some Australian beauty products. We can safely say that you won’t be disappointed.


Blaq is known for their peel-off black charcoal mask that helps pull all of the gunk out of your pores, but they have a ton of other charcoal products worth noting. Charcoal is known teeth-whitening agent, so their oral line is really effective, and their under eye patches help reduce pesky eye bags. Pro tip: Try using the eye patches while you’re doing eyeshadow. They catch any fallout, and ensure that your skin is totally prepped for a full day ahead.

Generation Clay

Clay masks are a staple in every skincare lover’s arsenal, and no one does it better than Generation Clay. The company only has three clay masks, but they don’t really need more than that. The masks address different skincare concerns, including detoxifying, purifying, and brightening. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out all three with their Multi-Mask Bundle ($82), which gives you $35 in savings. (You know we love a good deal.)


If you’re looking for all-over high-end beauty products, Aēsop is the brand for you. They carry everything: skincare, haircare, body products, home products, and fragrance. They’re definitely most known for their hand wash and cream — you’ve probably seen them in high-end hotel bathrooms — but all of their products feel luxurious and are certainly worth trying out.

Go-To Skincare

Go-To Skincare is one of the newer Australian beauty brands, but they should definitely be on your radar. Their photogenic peach and white packaging makes for a great shelfie, and the adorable product names will always make you smile. (The Very Useful Face Cream actually is very useful!) We highly recommend trying out their Face Hero face oil ($34) for a boost of hydration and glow.

Frank Body

It’s hard to think of Australian beauty brands and not think of Frank Body. The skincare brand is primarily known for their coffee body scrubs, which come in different scents. The scrubs can be a little messy, though, so we like to use their Express-O Coffee Scrub ($20), which is a whipped formula for easier application.


Trying to catch that Bondi Beach tan? ModelCo is here to help. They have everything you need to get that perfect beach-ready glow, including their best-selling Tan Water ($25). They also have a full range of cosmetics, including everything from foundation to mascara.

Kora Organics

Ever wonder how supermodel Miranda Kerr gets her perfectly glowy complexion? The Australian babe probably uses products from her own line, Kora Organics. The brand really focuses on inner beauty as much as outer beauty; each product comes with a positive word on the back to help uplift you when you use it. According to their website, Miranda’s current go-tos are from their oils collection (which is probably how she gets such glowy skin). We recommend trying out the Noni Glow Body Oil ($58) for a shine worthy of a Victoria’s Secret catwalk.

Kevin Murphy

Not many Australian beauty brands carry haircare, but who better than renowned salon stylist Kevin Murphy to create an incredible line? They carry everything you could possibly need for haircare, from shampoo and conditioner to styling products. The futuristic packaging will look effortlessly chic in your shower, and the performance of the products are well-worth the salon price tag. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase their products online, but you can use their store locator to find a salon that carries the product.

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