Crowd Sourced: The Best Skincare Tips That We Learned From Other Beauty Editors

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When I was young girl, I remember reading every magazine that I could get my hands on. Even if they were old issues, I didn’t really care. All I wanted was to be able to read the words of wisdom that came from the beauty editors. I wanted to know what was trending, who tried out a daring new makeup look, and I wanted to learn more about how to care for my problematic skin. And even though I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup (I didn’t start wearing makeup regularly until college), I still fantasized about one day getting to learn these beauty tips and tricks first-hand. Fast forward to today: I work alongside so many women who make beauty fun and accessible for everyone. I thought it would be fun to ask them for their best beauty editor skincare tips to share with all of our Off The Shelf readers.

I am honored that I get to work in an industry where so many incredible female editors — and also a ton of female editors of color — are working to promote that all forms of beauty are, in fact, beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you wear no makeup at all, or you go for a full beat (winged liner included) every single day. We all indulge in beauty products because we love them. Taking care of our skin makes us all feel beautiful, inside and out.

If I have learned any one thing from all of these women, it’s that no two beauty rituals are alike. Everyone has their own tricks and their own favorite products. It’s part of what makes working in the beauty industry so much fun.

Read on for some serious words of skincare wisdom from some of my favorite beauty editors.

Hannah Baxter, Editor at Coveteur

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Courtesy of Hannah Baxter

Your products need time to soak into your skin after application, so I usually let my lightest essence and serum dry while I massage my face with a Korean beauty roller or gua sha tool. It’s the best way to eliminate puffiness after a long night out or one too many dirty martinis. Leave [the beauty roller or gua sha tool] in the freezer for an especially effective tool for getting chiseled cheek bones.

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Bella Cacciatore, Beauty Assistant at Glamour

Courtesy of Bella Cacciatore

Skincare culture is about always trying the next buzzy product or ingredient, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s okay to stick to what works for you. Everyone’s skin is different, and not every cult-favorite is going to work for your skin, and that’s ok. While a huge part of my job is trying new things, I’ve learned it’s totally fine to pass on certain products and I don’t need to force them to work so I can feel included or take a cute selfie pic. It’s just not worth irritating my skin.

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Lauren Caruso, Managing Editor at The Zoe Report

Courtesy of Lauren Caruso

While my number one skincare rule is to always — always — wear sunscreen, I also tell anyone that’ll listen about the wonders of chemical exfoliation. I use a gentle lactic acid serum every other morning to slough away dead skin and it does wonders for my complexion, especially in the winter when physical exfoliation can prove to be too brutal.

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Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer & Associate Video Producer at Refinery29

This hack is a bit of a skin-care-makeup tip hybrid. One of my favorite things to do in the morning is slather on a couple drops of facial oil before applying a matte foundation. (I’ve been loving Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Glow Oil lately.) My combo/oily skin needs matte formulas, but I won’t lie and say that my foundation always looks great the second I apply it. In fact, matte formulas often leave me looking a little dry, particularly around the nose and mouth.

It isn’t until an hour or two later, after my skin’s natural oils have seeped through the foundation some, that my foundation looks perfect; fresh, juicy, and dewy in all the right places. Wearing face oil under my foundation lets me skip the waiting period, without sacrificing the oil control matte formulas provide. It’s a win-win!

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Kaleigh Fasanella, Freelance Beauty & Wellness Writer

Courtesy of Kaleigh Fasanella

Whenever my skin is in need of some extra TLC — whether I’ve been drinking too much (love you, rosé), failed to take off my makeup, or the NYC cold is simply taking its toll — I love to use three different masks right in a row. I always start with a clarifying mask to remove any dead skin buildup and impurities, follow up with a calming one to reduce any residual redness as my skin is super-sensitive, and finish off with an ultra-hydrating mask like Origin’s new 10-Minute Hydrating Mask With Apricot and Swiss Glacial Water. It does the trick every time. 

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Amber Kallor, Freelance Writer & Beauty Director at Fashion Unfiltered

amber kallor fashion unfiltered headshot
Courtesy of Amber Kallor

With my wedding on the horizon (and a leg-baring dress in my future), I’m all about rehabbing my skin from the neck down for a head-to-toe glow. I hate how most body products feel — oils are too sticky and creams are too heavy — so I create my own bespoke blend that’s just right. I add a few drops of oil or serum to any drugstore lotion — I’m currently loving Dove DermaSeries Eczema Relief Body Lotion ($10) — for an added boost. Creating a custom mix is the only way to satisfy the beauty Goldilocks in me.

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Marie Lodi, Senior Beauty Editor at HelloGiggles

I’m all about the double cleanse — especially if you’re like me, and wear full coverage foundation, a winged eye, and a matte lipstick on most days. But don’t opt for wipes. Though they’re super convenient, it’s better for the environment if you use a cleansing balm or micellar water with cotton pads or, even better, a reusable cleansing mitt. Then, follow up with your regular cleanser. Even when you’re tired AF, you gotta thoroughly cleanse that face, boo. You’ll be happy you did later!

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Stephanie Montes, Freelance Beauty Editor

stephanie montes headshot
Courtesy of Stephanie Montes

My favorite skincare trick ever is actually the easiest one in my big book of beauty tricks. After I lather up and wash my face in the sink, I soak a washcloth in warm water, wring it out, and apply it to my face for a gentle steam. The texture of the cloth exfoliates and makes my skin feel so soft and the steam unclogs my pores and keeps my complexion clear.

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Olivia Muenter, Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor at Bustle

olivia muenter bustle promo photo headshot
Courtesy of Olivia Muenter

My best skin care hack is more of a combination of a tip and a product. Whenever I get a blemish, I try to almost immediately use one of Peach Slice’s Acne Dot Patches on it. I think it helps to calm my skin a little bit, but the main benefit is it keeps me from picking at the area, which makes a world of difference.

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Danielle Odiamar, Senior Social Media Manager at Allure

Courtesy of Danielle Odiamar

The best advice I can give is to identify what your skin type really is. I always knew my skin was dry but it took me awhile (and a trip to the derm) to realize it was also super sensitive and that I have mild rosacea. Now that I know, it guides all of my skincare decisions. I like to test and try different products but there are a few rules I keep to no matter what: I never use abrasive exfoliants that irritate my sensitive skin; I use Tatcha’s The Essence to soften the dry outer layer of skin so all my other products really soak in; I use the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid to calm my rosacea; and I use a chilled rose quartz roller on my face every morning to help soothe my skin.

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Vanessa Powell, Freelance Fashion & Lifestyle Editor

I don’t go anywhere without Vaseline Rosy Lips Therapy. I buy these in bulk and distribute them to all of my purses, gym bag, car and nightstand so I’m literally never without it. It’s something so simple but seriously so essential to my routine because I can’t stand the feeling of dry lips. I even use this product as eyebrow gel, nail and cuticle oil or dab it on my cheekbones for a subtle dewy glow. I also mix it with lipstick for a longer lasting moisture. I love that a product this tiny can go such a long way.

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Kelsey Stiegman, Senior Style Editor at

As a redhead, my delicate skin burns after roughly 45 seconds in the sun. My secret hack for curing sunburns (without peeling) is to bring a pile of sheet masks with me on every vacation. I rip them up and put them on my thighs, my chest, my shoulders for deep hydration.

A bonus tip: The secret to my almost-flawless skin is my vibrating face cleanser brush. It gets deep into your pores in a way that fingers just can’t do. My advice is to buy one, even if you never get pimples. You truly have no idea how good your skin can be until you’ve tried it.

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Sara Tan, Senior West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor at Bustle

Incorporate your masks with your shower! If you want to use a detox or cleansing mud mask, apply it immediately after the shower. The steam from the shower will open your pores up and get the dirt and gunk loose so you can get it out easier. If you’re using a moisturizing type of mask, apply it before the shower so that the steam can help lock in the moisture.

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Austen Tosone, Freelance Beauty & Fashion Writer

austen tosone headshot
Courtesy of Austen Tosone

To create my own makeshift version of a double cleanse, each night I’ll wash my face with Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser, but I almost always follow it up with Garnier’s Micellar Water. I apply this product onto a cotton pad and press and wipe on the areas of my face I think could use it. This is especially helpful if I’ve had a heavy makeup day since the micellar water is good for sensitive areas (especially around my eyes, where there is no doubt some leftover mascara that I missed in the initial cleanse).

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