In My Home: 4 Beauty Product Organizers That’ll Make You Feel Like Own A Sephora

Courtesy of Jamie Street / Unsplash

Remember the first time you watched a beauty blogger’s tour of their makeup room? Your jaw probably dropped to the floor in awe. Their seemingly endless drawers of every product you can possibly think of made you smile in sheer amazement while simultaneously made you green with envy. But even if your beauty collection is only a fraction of their’s, you can still set up a beauty product organization system that makes you feel like you have your own personal Sephora. You might not get the endless rows of display products, unfortunately, but you’ll have the next best thing.

Even if you’re Marie Kondo-ing your place, it’s safe to say that your beauty collection brings you joy. Therefore, it all stays (no matter what your roommates say). These beauty product organization tools will help keep you organized, and you’ll feel proud of yourself for putting together such a cohesive system.

In my opinion, the key to perfectly organizing your beauty collection is transparency. If you keep your products in drawers that you can’t see into, it’s hard to keep track of everything. All of the products recommended below offer that ease and transparency so you can clearly see your collection in all its glory.

So whether your collection is just starting out, or you’ve been hoarding for years, here are some beauty product organization tools to help get you tidied up.

The Container Store Clear Stackable Shirt & Accessory Drawer

Don’t let the name fool you: These are the best beauty product organization drawers I have found, by far. I love that they’re transparent so that you can see the products inside. Plus, they have the clean, sleek look of acrylic without the weight. These drawers are totally customizable and modular, so you can add on more units as your collection grows. You can also purchase dividers to separate the drawers into sections.

Shop Now: The Container Store Clear Stackable Shirt & Accessory Drawer, $20

Boxy Girl Everything Stack

Boxy Girl makes the acrylic vanity sets of your dreams, and the Everything Stack is the perfect product to start with. It has slots for everything, from your perfume, to lipsticks, to brushes, and much more. All of Boxy Girl’s products are modular and fit with each other, so you can add a stack of their drawers underneath this stack if you need it. I like that the Everything Stack can hold all of your essentials in a clean, organized way on your vanity or table.

Shop Now: Boxy Girl Everything Stack, $49

Ball 32oz Wide-Mouth Mason Jar

Mason jars are great for a lot of things, and beauty product organization is definitely one of them. A problem I always run into when storing my products is where to put my brushes so that they’re accessible. Mason jars are a cheap and effective way of solving that problem. Wide-mouth jars are great for brush storage so you can clearly see all of your brushes, and the 32oz jars are tall enough for even your biggest brushes.

Shop Now: Ball 32oz Wide-Mouth Mason Jar, $12 (12-count)

Ikea Kallax 2×2

If you’re constantly struggling with where to put your big and tall products — think hairspray, body lotion, and giant bottles of toner — the Kallax from Ikea solves that problem. I love that there’s a lot of vertical space in the units, and you can use the depth of each shelf to put lesser-used products toward the back.

Shop Now: Ikea Kallax 2×2, $39

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