Hot Tip: Tips, Tricks, & Products That Will Help You Recover From Festival Season

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With Coachella and Stagecoach behind you, you have the rest of festival season to look forward to. Though you’re super pumped to listen to some killer music and get dressed up in your festival best, you know that the heat and long days are going to leave your body needing some serious TLC after each one. Luckily, I’ve rounded up some festival recovery tips to help you fight through and ready for the next one.

As someone who just came off back-to-back weekends of music festivals (I went to both Coachella and Stagecoach), I know that I’ll be using a ton of these tips, tricks, and products myself. Though I had a ton of fun living it up in the desert, watching some of my favorite artists perform live, and planning out all of my outfits, I have to say, I’m pooped. My feet still hurt, I feel like my pores are totally clogged, and my sinuses are driving me insane.

Though I’m totally struggling — even a few days after the end of Stagecoach — I know that all of the issues I’m having are easily fixable with a little time and effort on my end. From getting a massage to masking it up, here are a few of my top festival recovery tips to get you through the rest of the season.

Get A Massage & Facial

This is probably pretty obvious, but pampering yourself can work wonders for your body’s recovery after a long weekend of, ahem, going out. An aesthetician can work to get all of the gunk out of your pores — especially if you went to a festival in a place as dusty and windy as Coachella Valley. A masseuse can really relieve the tension in your back, which can build up after long days on your feet.

Load Up On Vitamin C & Antioxidants

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Spending long days and nights outdoors in dusty environments can leave your immune system feeling compromised. Load up on foods and drinks that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to help build up your immune system and fight off any potential colds that might be trying to creep into your body. Citrus fruits, pomegranates, berries, apples, and nuts like pecans and walnuts are all really nutritious — and they taste good.

Steam Your Face

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Staying outside all day during music festivals can lead to dirt and gunk piling up in your pores and throat. Steaming your face in a hot bath or shower, with an actual face steamer, or at a facial appointment can help loosen all of grime that is clogging up your pores. Inhaling steam can also really help soothe your throat, which can get dried out after a weekend outside in the desert.

Add Some Nutrition Supplements To Your Routine

Though your body is fighting machine, sometimes, you need a little extra help. Olly Nutrition makes a wide variety of gummy vitamins that can help you bounce back from a long weekend at a festival. The vitamins also help maintain your overall health when you’re not at a festival so that your body is prepared when you head out. My personal favorite from the line is the Undeniable Beauty vitamin, because it helps keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy even when you’re slacking a little bit on your personal care — which tends to happen when you’re at a festival.

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Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask

Standing on your feet for three or four days straight can leave your feet looking and feeling tired and calloused. The Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask is just the thing to help you out. The mask uses fruit enzymes and acids to peel away the top layers of dead skin. (If you don’t believe it actually works — and you have a strong stomach — check out #babyfootpeel on Instagram.)

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R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub

If you’re anything like me during festival weekends, you get home too late and too tired to care about washing your hair. The dirt and grime that embeds itself in your hair might be too heavy for just a normal shampoo to take care of. An intensive scalp scrub like R+Co’s Crown can help lift the built-up oil and leave hair feeling so fresh and so clean.

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Glamglow Supercleanse Cream-To-Foam Cleanser

glamglow supercleanse festival recovery tips
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I’ve mentioned clogged pores quite a few times in this post because it really can be an issue. Makeup, sweat, and dirt mixed together create a nasty cocktail for your skin. It’s important to wash your face with an intense cleanser that will really clear you out. Glamglow’s Supercleanse is made with three kinds of charcoal to really get into your pores and scrub them out. The cream-to-foam formula is surprisingly gentle for how deeply it cleans your face.

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Ouai Treatment Masque

It’s very likely that your hair will feel dry and unhealthy after the festival. A hair mask like Ouai’s Treatment Masque can help replenish and refresh your hair. It’s intensely moisturizing to make hair feel soft and shiny. Plus, it smells fantastic, which is an added bonus after a long weekend at a festival — especially if you camped.

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Skin Gym Face Sculptor Beauty Roller

After a weekend of partying, your face might be feeling a little puffy and swollen. This face roller from Skin Gym helps with lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and increase blood circulation in your face. It also gently massages your face to help you relax and unwind, which is much needed after a festival weekend.

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Diptyque Eucalyptus Candle

Wellness and self-care aren’t just about taking care of your hair and skin. Sometimes, all you need to decompress after a long weekend is to sit down, relax, and breathe for a second. Aromatherapy can be really helpful in getting you to unwind, and there’s really nothing better than a Diptyque candle. Their Eucalyptus scent is soothing and refreshing, and the glass jar will look so chic on your vanity.

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