In Review: 5 Minimalist Statement Earrings You Should Add To Your Collection

Courtesy of Madewell / Amarilo

Minimalist fashion is all the rage right now. Fashionistas everywhere are paring down to just the basics and layering if they feel comfortable. Even if your go-to outfit is jeans and a t-shirt, and your typical style isn’t too flashy, there are still plenty of ways you can amp up an outfit. Add a barrette to your hair and a fun statement belt, and finish off your look with a pair of minimalist statement earrings. They’re the perfect cherry on top of your sophisticatedly simple getup.

Minimalist statement earrings are ones that you can bring with you anywhere, for any occasion. They dress up your most slouchy of outfits, but also go hand in hand with your evening gown. They can become the first earrings you grab when you’re not feeling a simple pair of studs, but also don’t feel like wearing something too heavy or gaudy. In short, minimalist statement earrings are the earrings you can live in.

Whether you’re looking for ways to spice up an outfit, need to switch out some old pairs of earrings, or just need some new jewelry inspo, here are a few of our favorite minimalist statement earrings that we think everyone needs to add to their collection, pronto.

Madewell Chunky Oversized Hoop Earrings

Everyone needs a pair of everyday hoops that can spice up an outfit. Chunky hoops are a gorgeous alternative to more traditional thinner ones, and the vintage brushed gold finish on these is sure to stand out. Madewell makes their chunky hoops in small, medium, and oversized sizes so you can choose what looks best on you. We love that these oversized ones can peek out from behind your hair and add flare down to just above your collarbone. (All of the sizes also come in a silver finish if gold isn’t your thing.)

Shop Now: Madewell Chunky Oversized Hoop Earrings, $28

Anthropologie Wavy Resin Hoop Earrings

Tortoiseshell resin is neutral enough to go with anything, but loud enough to make a statement. We love the updated take on a classic hoop with the wavy outline and thicker band. Pair these with jeans, a t-shirt, and a page boy cap for the ultimate cool, laid-back look.

Shop Now: Anthropologie Wavy Resin Hoop Earrings, $38

Urban Outfitters Mini Snake Post Earrings

Snakeskin print is in, so why can’t actual snakes be? These snake earrings have loadsssss (get it?) of personality, but fit the way a medium-sized stud would. The solid gold finish makes them a perfect neutral that can be paired with any look without fear of clashing. But if you tuck your hair behind your ear, people will get a glimpse of something a little ssssspicier.

Shop Now: Urban Outfitters Mini Snake Post Earring, $16

Amarilo Lenna Pearl Drop Earring

Amarilo is known for their beautiful minimalist jewelry, and this piece is no different. The earring can be worn alone or in a pair, and dangles so far down, it’s hard not to notice. But the thin gold band and solitary pearl make for the perfect dainty accent that will make this earring a focal point of your whole look.

Shop Now: Amarilo Lenna Pearl Drop Earring, $215

Mejuri Bar Threaders

Courtesy of Mejuri

Threaded earrings are a statement in themselves, but we love these ones for their length. If you thread the earrings all the way through so that the bar catches on your piercing, they might reach your collar. Wear your hair back so that people can marvel at the dainty — yet sophisticated — jewelry, or wear your hair down so that the earrings merely act as shiny ornaments hidden in your mane.

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You’ll be sure to get plenty of compliments walking around with any of these minimalist statement earrings on.

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