News: Urban Decay Is Revamping Their Naked Palette, Because The OG One Left Us Too Soon

Courtesy of Urban Decay

Few beauty products in recent memory have made as much impact as Urban Decay’s original Naked Palette did. It was the first eyeshadow palette in almost every beauty lover’s makeup collection, and continues to be praised as the “godfather” of palettes. The original Naked Palette was full of beautiful neutral tones in a mixture of shimmer and matte finishes, making it a go-to for beauty novices and professional makeup artists alike. In August of last year, Urban Decay announced that they were discontinuing the palette. Many people called it the end of an era, but now, lovers of the original can celebrate. Urban Decay just announced the release of the Naked Reloaded palette, and fans are so more excited.

Yup, you read that right. Urban Decay has graced us with a Naked Reloaded palette, because the original one left us far too soon. Inspired by the colors and finishes of the original palette, the Naked Reloaded palette is the new and improved version of the cult-favorite. It contains 12 new neutral shades — save one bright peach matte — in a variety of finishes.

The new palette blends the old and new of the Naked line.

The success of the original Naked palette launched a line of beautifully neutral Naked palettes. The Naked 2 and 3 are the most similar to the original formulation. Meanwhile the most recent additions, Naked Heat and Naked Cherry, were reformulated to be more buttery in texture. The new palette takes the best of both worlds for a completely new Naked palette experience.

The Naked Reloaded palette does away with the identical pan sizes and the included brush. Instead, the palette highlights four “MVP” shades in bigger pans so that those shades will last as long as the rest of the palette. Excluding the brush also allows the rest of the pans to be slightly larger in size. As always, the palette comes with a big mirror so you can do your touchups anywhere.

The shades of the shadows are made with inclusivity in mind, so all of the neutrals are universally flattering. The mixture of mattes and shimmers ensures that you can create a variety of looks with the same palette.

The palette will officially launch on February 18.

The Naked Reloaded palette will be $44. It will be available on on February 18, and at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and select Macy’s stores on March 7.